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Sheetrock Repair In Montgomery, TX



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Trust Us To Repair Your Damaged Drywall

Offering Drywall And Sheetrock Repair Service In Montgomery, TX

You’re rearranging your furniture and moving a heavy cabinet when you feel its weight shift unexpectedly. You try to hold it still, but it slams against your wall.

You know before you look that a corner of the cabinet has at least dented some drywall. Sure enough, you find out your hunch was correct, but you know not to perform drywall repair work by yourself. You can turn to Tom of All Trades for drywall repair services in Montgomery, TX. Call 713-502-7363 right away to hire a local handyman to fix the damage.

What Else Will We Do For You?

You can count on Tom of All Trades for any drywall or Sheetrock repair service. We’ll repair anything from a slightly dented wall to a severely damaged ceiling.

Our handyman will repair:

  • Dents in your wall
  • Holes in your ceiling
  • Ceiling water damage

After this, we’ll repaint the repaired area and match the texture to the rest of your drywall. Through our drywall and Sheetrock repair service, we will erase every sign of damage.